• My Philosophy (a part of it)

    Life-centric design should be observant, appropriate, resilient, abundant, tenacious, and delightful. Nothing in nature is only one thing; every organism participates in the creation of the world around it and plays many roles in various interactions. Our designs and their components inevitably interact in a similar sense and this should be accounted for in our thinking.

    A generalist specialist.

    Drawing from a richly diverse personal, professional, and educational background, I provide a variety of services to support design and communication through multiple media.


     I come from a long line of teachers and Lutheran pastors, and thus was born and raised in a family that places high value in community service. I ventured out with a very general, technical education in Civil and Environmental Engineering at a university that emphasizes liberal arts. Since then I have continuously focused on environment and ecology, sustainability, project management, and now permaculture, as well as cultural and political studies. While fully capable of delving into details, I am drawn to broad subjects from which holistic and systematic understanding can be gained.


    All living things are translators, and most of what I do is related to this. Translating vision into mission, mission into execution plan, observations into models, and models into designs . . .there are countless permutations.


    I also translate Chinese into English!

  • ongoing Endeavors

    Here are a few current and ongoing projects that I care about.

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    Permaculture Project (China)

    Bringing Permaculture to China, and China to Permaculture

    In July 2018, I successfully organized a series of Permaculture workshops in Shanghai City, Cenbu Village, and Huaihua, Hunan. Course details for November edition can be found here.

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    Dingjiaping Eco-Village

    A Rural Renaissance in the making

    Nearly a decade ago, this village (remnants shown above) was removed to make way for the high-speed rail from Changsha to Huaihua. I have volunteered to facilitate the design process of a new eco-village at the mid-slope of the mountain called 'Goose'.

  • Education & Experiennce

    Project Management Professional



    Valparaiso University,

    Confucius Institute

    2010 - 2011

    Chinese Studies

    Focus on China environmental history and current policy as well as China's water resources.

    Valparaiso University, College of Engineering

    2005 - 2009

    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

    Minor: Mathematics

    Complementary Major: in Chinese and Japanese Studies

    Recipient of Presidential Academic Honors

    • Maintaining high GPA while also representing the University as a pole-vaulter in the Horizon League
    • Broke a decades old school pole-vault record
  • "Should there be one thing we must guard against, let it be partiality

    that robs us of our pristine wholeness and make us lose unity in the

    midst of duality. "


    Bruce lee

  • Freelance Services

    Interior Design

    Office, Home, Furniture, Recording Studios



    3D Modeling in SketchUp

    Architecture, Engineering, Product, Film & Stage Planning, Landscape

    Perma-culture Design

    Conceptual, Schematic & Spacial Design, Site Surveying and Analysis, Research

    Drone Photography

    Photography, Video, Building and Terrain Modeling

    Chinese-English Translation

    Technical, Science & Engineering, Business, Environmental, Agriculture, Chemistry

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